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Cassandra Harmon

Cassandra Harmon is a woman birthed through adversity and grounded by deep spiritual roots. In light of her life experiences, a dynamic entrepreneur, author, and mentor emerged. This Delaware native holds unwavering values in authentic relationships, education, creativity, and empowerment. These values are expressed in her regular service as a mother, small business owner and consultant, board certified massage therapist, and instructor.

A tenet that Cassandra abides by is knowledge of self as the beginning of true wellness and purpose. Understanding, appreciating, and cultivating the balance of daily living – through 7 core components – is the premise for her recently founded nonprofit, Evolving Wellness Center. The organization is dedicated to providing education enrichment services and activities that enhance daily living skills and success strategies for underserved.


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Evolving Well

Friday at 7:30AM

Cassandra show is dedicated to providing education enrichment services and activities that enhance daily living skills and success strategies.


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