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Urban Love Gospel Artist- Change

Change, Urban Love Gospel Artist

Growing up in a small but talented family, Change has been around music for as long as he could remember and singing for as long as he could talk. He has been blessed with a unique style to compose, write, and arrange music. In 2008 Change introduced his music to the world. In the matter of only 6 months Change personally sold over 10,000 copies of his first album titled “Come Home” to one person at a time. Change has successfully made a positive impact within his community. Enduring many hardships and challenges brought Change closer to God. By 2010 even though Change had made a significant amount of success singing R&B he realized there was a greater purpose for his life and his music. He decided at that moment that he would only use his voice to glorify God. Now Change sings about his testimonies all the trials he faced and overcame to bless and inspire other’s.


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