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Christelle Mukendi

Christelle Mukendi was born in Ivory Coast, a French speaking country in West Africa. She came to the United States with her family as an immigrants and has been living in Saint Louis for the past 12 years. She has a passion for Music, and always wanted to be a singer; however, she wanted to use her language skills to benefit children who may want to learn French as a second language. She went on to get her Bachelor in teaching Foreign language and has been teaching French for the past 5 years. Christelle often leads worship at New City Fellowship church and released a French Album in 2016 called ”Vaillant Guerrier” meaning Valiant Warrior. She released in 2017 an English single called ”The Hands That Hold My Head”, which is a testimony of her identify in Christ, made in his image. Christ is the lover of her soul as He gives her strength to find joy in the midst of darkness. Christ is where her strength comes from. She continues teaching as well as leading worship and hopefully by the Spirit, will be inspired to write other Spirit filled songs.



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