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Debbie Mayfield

Debbie Mayfield


Celebrate Recovery Northern Delaware State Rep.

Debbie experienced healing from hurts in her life with the Christ-based recovery program, Celebrate Recovery.   Debbie brought Trinity Celebrate Recovery to Trinity Community Church in November 2016 and continues to lead the ministry on Thursday evenings at the Well.  December 2019, Debbie accepted the offer to serve as the Northern Delaware State Rep.   Northern Delaware has 5 Celebrate Recoveries ministries with meetings 4 evenings per week.  We will be birthing another Celebrate Recovery ministry in Northern Delaware early fall.   Other options coming to Northern Delaware in early 2020 include the Landing, the Celebrate Recovery Teen program and changes to our court system probation options.   Northern Delaware continues to flourish, and Debbie continues to serve and help grow God’s Ministry Leaders.

Debbie lives in the Newark area with her son, daughter-in-law and 2 beautiful grandchildren.  Life is wonderful when you balance family and serving God.  May Celebrate Recovery bring freedom in healing to all in Northern Delaware.




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