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Deborah Hatchett graduated from Howard University in Washington, DC. Where she majored in Physical Education. She is a former Physical Education and Health teacher in the Philadelphia School District. In addition to her work in the School District, she also worked in recreational facilities and summer camps as an instructor and a counselor. Deborah has worked with hundreds of youth emphasizing the benefits of healthy living.  She is an excellent support person who can always be counted on to keep her family and friends in shape, both physically and emotionally.  She is a published poet, songwriter and author of children’s books.

Deborah was a supporting actress and singer in the play, “Smiling Faces” that has been performed in churches for over 20 years.  The play confronts the issue of domestic violence in the church where many woman suffer in silence.  The play was written and is directed by Deborah’s sister, Nancy Golden, a former Philadelphia School District administrator.

Deborah has been using her gift of encouragement as a tool to help others engage in healthy practices for relieving stress.  For the past seven years, she has facilitated stress management workshops for colleges, public school staff and church groups.

As a PQAS provider, Deborah facilitates workshops in Head Start centers to enhance the quality of service to young children.  She trains the staff in stress management, music and movement, effective communication and storytelling.  These workshops assist the staff in obtaining the mandated qualifications for serving early learners.

As Aunt Deb, the storyteller, she dresses as a cowgirl and entertains children in a variety of settings.  Her gift for engaging youth is phenomenal.  Her performances are in great demand and the children love to interact with her.   Deborah’s gifts skills and abilities are gifts to our community.








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