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Derek Triplett (Derek T. Triplett) is a change agent. He is a consecrated Bishop in the Lord’s church, a composer, budding author and media personality, and the founding pastor of Hope Fellowship Church in Daytona Beach, Florida. He serves as the ecclesiastical and spiritual covering for several churches, ministries and pastors around the United States. He is also a John Maxwell Team certified, coach, speaker, and trainer.

He is a frequent guest speaker in churches and conferences across the United States as well as Daytona Beach area schools, colleges, and universities. He is the host of “Making Changes” with Derek Triplett; a radio broadcast which airs weekly on several stations. He has a bi-weekly relationship segment on Fox 35 Orlando. He is the founder of Getting All Males Equipped (G.A.M.E.), a male mentoring and development initiative which presents forums in Daytona Beach to help shape the minds of urban males so they may learn to make good decisions, change negative behavior patterns, and build proper standards for effective living.

Bishop Triplett is not only a gifted speaker, preacher and teacher; God has blessed him to be an extraordinary songwriter.  Bishop Triplett released two music recordings.

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Are You The Man For The Hood

Friday at 4:00PM

Bishop Trippet through a number of topics will discuss manhood and the responsibilities of men to themselves and their families.


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