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Diron Dorn

From the Washington, DC area comes a true musician, lyricist and composer for this era of gospel music… Diron Dorn. In this return to the pure soul of music, Diron demonstrates his love for the gospel as an Emcee, but also music as an art form.  A skilled composer, producer, engineer, instrumentalist and singer he is the new millennium’s renaissance man. An emcee with a degree. His phenomenal talent and pleasant personality shine through brightly in his music. Diron’s music not only touches the christian community but it grabs the ears of a cross section of listeners – pop, rock, alternative, rap, soul, classical, jazz and gospel. His magnetic stage appearance often leaves audiences in awe and captivated by his music. To compare Diron Dorn to anyone in music you have to choose a classical composer because the approach he takes in music has not been felt in a long time. If you want to move, he will move you. If you want to cry, he will comfort you in your tears. If you want to travel to a difference place from right where you are, he will definitely be your travel agent.



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