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Since the beginning of time, God always calls out a person who He predestinated and anointed to accomplish His plan and purpose.  Most of the time, unawares to the individual, their journey to fulfill God’s plan would begin in their childhood.  We can see examples in the Bible when he called out Samuel, David, Esther, and many others at an early age.  God uses ordinary people with the Heart of God, who are willing and obedient to fulfill His plans and purposes in their appointed season.  In this hour, Mrs. Donna Flonard-Wilson is the woman with the “Know How–to-Do” Anointing.

Mrs. Donna Flonard-Wilson was raised in Brooklyn, New York, to the proud parents Mr. and Mrs. Flonard.  The Flonard family relocated to Delaware.  Donna is married with two sons.  She enjoys gatherings with family and friends but her love for people extends outside of her normal setting.  A prime example, in her teenage years she was always promoting gatherings, just so that people of all ethnicity and from different areas of Brooklyn could get to know each other.  Later on, Donna accepted Christ into her life and was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit.  She became a member of Faith Tabernacle.  She later moved out of the area, and became an active member of Victory Church where she serves as a Prayer Counselor.  God’s hand was in her life, even when she thought she was doing her own thing.  It was the beginnings of what God had planned for Donna’s life.

The passion for people is also expressed in her professional life.  Mrs. Donna Flonard-Wilson, found herself working with people internationally.   She worked for Barbizon as a Model and was promoted as an Instructor for young women in the modeling field.  She is a licensed cosmetologist.  She also had the opportunity to live in West Africa for several years. That’s when she had the privilege to meet Fashion Designers who saw what she had on the inside and offered her a Fashion Coordinator position for the “Miss Liberia Beauty Pageant”.  Donna continued down the path that expressed the love of people, and fashion by opening a Fashion Boutique named “Something Different”.  That is the arena that allows her to beautify people on the outside as well as to minster to the inside.  Her Beauty stands above the rest because of what she has on the inside of her.  It’s not a put on but it’s a come on.  In other words, it’s not an act.  She inspires people not only to look their best but to have Christ as their savior.  She has a background in Fashion Merchandize also Human Services. She worked in the field with Children’s Home inc., Catholic Charities, Child Inc., and Girls Inc., as a Program Coordinator.  She was responsible for the well being of At–Risk Teenagers, who somehow didn’t fit in normal society.  In this position, she facilitated and implemented innovative programs that were used as tools to promote self-awareness, and to empower them for re-entry to society.

Seven years ago, the Lord dropped something in her spirit with a strong anointing.   She began to walk in what God gave her.  It was a vision for ministry.  God even gave her the name and its purpose.  The name is “Shabach Production”; its purpose is to set a stage for God’s people to deliver others, and demonstrate the true power of God.      Mrs. Flonard-Wilson’s ministry is an open door to advance the Kingdom by setting a stage where all cultures can gather to experience the power of God to deliver through His Preachers, Teachers, Prophets, Bishops, and His Apostles.  She is leading from behind the stage creating Plays, gathering Comedians, Praise Dancers, and High Teas for Deliverance Services for the unsaved as well as the people of God.  The Anointing flowing through her gives her the “Know How-to-Do” that is expressed in all her events.  She always had an event in her mind that would excite all people.  It was already predestined from the womb. God had a plan and placed it in Donna Flonard–Wilson’s heart, a passion for people, along with the “Know How-to-Do” Anointing to cause it to happen.

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