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Who is Dr. Marci Tilghman Bryant? I often look back to evaluate my life, where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, the disappointments and losses that I have had to come to terms with.  And, through it all, I can say…I am “still cruising”…to my destiny.  As a child I was greatly influenced by both of my grandmothers and my father.  My maternal grandmother helped me to learn that “people” not things are important.  From my paternal grandmother I learned that “doing what is right in the sight of God” is costly at times but well worth it in the end.  My father told me at the tender age of 14 when I was filled with sadness & tears because other children liked to pick on me rather than be friends with me, that someday that all would change because I was destined to be somebody.  He told me that I was smart and that I was going to make it in this world because I had something inside of me that those kids at that time did not have.  I didn’t know or understand how my life was going to change but I must have believed him because I stopped crying as he held me safe in his arms.


I have had to draw from these wells over the years during both the good times and the not so good times.  When I am asked how am I doing, (especially on a bad day), I simply respond “I’m wonderful! …then I remind myself that I’m still cruising.  But what am I actually saying to myself?…to my soul?


It’s simply this, I have discovered a more than adequate response to life’s blows, that make you want to GIVE UP, GIVE IN, AND GIVE OUT! … those challenges that just make you want to check out on life.   My response is: to go to that place deep inside where the calm is alive and well.  I breathe deeply and pray, because I have NOT given up on my dreams; I refuse to.  I have NOT given in to failure.  While it is a fact of life, it does not define me nor can it defeat me.  And I have NOT run out of strength, as I keep looking to the hills from whence cometh my help, therefore I regain my strength.


In 1994 the Spirit of God moved on my heart and guided me to establish the BVT outreach ministry (Building The Virtuous Temple), in order to education the body the Christ.  Teaching God’s Word is the passion that guides this ministry.  We use several different mediums!  


Annually we host several seminars to teach others how to hold on until the challenge passes and the change comes.  We all need encouragement and I am here to help YOU keep pursuing your dream(s). We offer a Power Up Network so that individuals can connect with one another and get the marketing training they need to grow their businesses or ministry.   As an Author, I have published several books to help guide you along this journey, “Will the Laughter Come Again?”, published by AuthorHouse, No Need to Run, “101 Ways to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough”, published by Tate Publishers. These books are available through this site and Amazon and Kindle.


I have come from illiteracy and poverty, rejection in both childhood and adulthood, life threatening illnesses, personal tragedies and so many failures that I am truly amazed at what God has done with my life.  I hold a Bachelors Degree in Church Administration, a double Masters, one in Christian Ministry Education  and the other in Educational Leadership, also a Doctorate in Ministry, I am a Certified Life Coach Facilitator.   My desire is help others reach their full potential so that they can help others do the same. 


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