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Elder Faye Dadzie

Elder Faye Dadzie is a graduate of Graceville High School in Graceville, Florida and Chipola College in Marianna, Florida. She began her professional career as a Customer Service Representative at Bank of Delaware in 1971, in what was then called the Bank Americard Department, which is now known as Visa. She was bright and aggressive and knew that she was destined for more. She worked hard and moved through the ranks. When she left Bank of Delaware in 1990 she had been promoted to the position of Assistant Vice President and Personnel Consultant. She was recruited by First National Bank of Chicago and hired to manage the Human Resources Department of their Credit Card Operating Center in Delaware. She was promoted several times in that location and ultimately relocated to the headquarters office in Elgin, Illinois in November 1997. When she left the company in March 1999, she was serving as First Vice President, responsible for human resources in Delaware, Illinois, New York and Missouri.

In 2004 Faye was hit with some of her life’s greatest personal challenges, failure of her marriage, failure of her business and it felt like a failure at life. But her faith in God and perseverance stood her in good stead. She has proven to be not only a survivor, but a thriver through adversity. She relocated to Palm Coast and has never looked back.

She is the Founder and President of Victorious Life Ministries.She is a frequent conference, seminar and retreat preacher/teacher/speaker. She has a heart to see women set free from the bondage of low self-esteem and a willingness to accept less than God’s best for their lives. God uses Faye mightily to instruct and inspire those who are ready to receive truth.

The late Rev. Otis A. Herring licensed her to preach in December 1992, at Union Baptist Church in Wilmington, Delaware. She now resides in Palm Coast, Florida. Her Spiritual covering is Rev. Cynthia Hill, Founder and Senior Pastor of The Joy River Baptist
Church in Elgin, Illinois. She has one adult son, Leslie.

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Victorious Living

Tuesday at 9:30AM

The ministry was birthed out of her pain and a desire to undergird others who face the turmoil and devastation that life can bring. She serves women all over the country through her monthly Intercessory Prayer Ministry, bi-monthly newsletter and as a counselor and friend.

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