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Elder Terrance Farrare

 Elder Terrance Farrare’s Bio:
Terrance Farrare born March, 18 1981 grew up with a very dynamic childhood on the eastside of Wilmington, Delaware. He was born in an unforeseen manner where abandonment of both parents was his reality since birth. He was then reared by his grandparents Deacon Phyllis and Dr. Kenny R. Farrare. These two were very intricate in his life from both secular and spiritual upbringing. They raised him with an understanding of the importance of establishing a personal relationship with God. Being a pastor’s kid was not the easiest lifestyle when seeking normalcy amongst his peers. He spent summers in vacation bible school, and winters in countless revivals and bible studies into his teens. He left his parents church where his father pastored Zion Baptist Church Chester, Pennsylvania. He got his first position of serving as an usher and sang in the choir. He then found himself attending Bibleway United Holy Churches of America where Pastor (now Apostle) Marian L. Churches of America where Pastor (now Apostle) Marian L. Rudd became his pastor there he received the infilling of the Holy Spirit at the early age of 12 years old. Again he toiled with the thought of being “all in for God,” he experienced many knock arounds with living a life sold out for Him. He struggled to make sense of all of this yet God had a very intricate and peculiar plan for his life. Not the model pupil in school, not the most upstanding citizen, but the flip side to him was that amidst his abase from interpersonal relationships he had such a huge a loving heart for people. He didn’t know that one day it would turn into ministry. He would eventually depart this place to follow the leading of Elder Craig A. Butler where God had pulled him out into the world to become the pastor and establishmentarian of Bread of Life Family Worship Center (now Life Dome The Empowerment Center) Chester, Pennsylvania. There he was appointed as his lead adjutant, teen group Sunday school teacher’s assistant, and church drummer. Serving became in intricate fiber and soon to be moment of clarity of his purpose. He served there under the now Bishop C.A. Butler for 6 years.

He takes pride in seeing those that come across his path to pour into whenever God sees fit, it shows him that God still has need for him. “Without an influence you lose the effectiveness of your ministry.” This quote was imparted into him in his earlier years of service by Bishop Alan G. Porter. Elder Farrare now serves at the Conquering Power Church of Deliverance where his pastor and covering is Dr. Hayward R. Hamilton where he serves as an elder and over the men’s ministry “GodFellas”. He believes that pursuit of purpose should have its focus and his focus scripture is Hebrews 10:35-39. Purpose must be pursued with intention, and CONFIDENCE for this pleases God! In closing his favorite life quote is simple,” Life without purpose, is to not have life at all.”

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