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Elizabeth Boerner

Elizabeth Boerner was born in Queens, Ny., lives in Milton, Delaware with her husband Joseph. Blended between them they have 4 children and three grandchildren.  For 35 years she has been a hair stylist and along the way she owned 2 hair salons in Philadelphia Pa., a resale store in Newark De.,Hyacinths and Dragonflies, a Gallery of Affordable Treasures, and worked for a corporate salon chain, running up to 17 salons as a district manager. In addition to being a stylist, she has over 30 years of firsthand marketing experience, which came from the need to promote her own businesses.

In September of 2016 she left her corporate career and stepped out in faith to start the Perfect Misfits LLC brand.  Beginning with Perfect Misfits, a Christian bookstore in Georgetown De., which quickly closed, she now owns Perfect Misfits, Pr and Marketing, An Author Serving Authors and is the Director of Pr and Marketing for Fruitbearer Publishing.. With writing as one of her passions, she is a published author and is currently working on The Hard Yard, a book about her husband’s life.

With her Pr and Marketing services, she helps authors answer the question, “How am I going to get my book into the hands of the people who need to read it?”

She will simplify the often overwhelming world of marketing by designing a customized plan, as well as designs and builds their website, to help build their brand.

Effective marketing is an ongoing process—not something that can be done once and then forgotten.

It takes time, knowledge of the item, knowing your audience, knowing what works, and delivering the product.

You’ll find Elizabeth to be organized, determined, and focused on attention to detail. 

She is excited about promoting your book to share it with the masses—the right masses, in the right venue. 

 All along the way she has been paying attention the whispers of God. She hopes you tune in to Perfect Misfits, her radio platform to enjoy what God has nudged her to bring to light, reminding us that He is in every detail.  You can reach Elizabeth by contacting her: Perfectmisfits.de@gmail.com. Please check out her website  Perfect-misfits.com.



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