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You’ve Never Failed me Yet”, the song, was written as the result of reflecting back on the experiences we had with the lord in our lives and especially in ministry, and how I experienced God during those years.
The theme of the faithfulness of God is one that is becoming more and more difficult to tackle. Now it’s no longer the unbelievers who ask questions that link God’s love, his goodness and care to the state of our world or the things that happen in our lives. It’s no longer the unbelievers who asks “ If God is a loving, carrying, and a good God… then WHY?…

Born again Christians reach a point in their lives when they ask why God allow certain things to happen in their lives. They reach a point where even though they don’t really doubt the faithful character of God, they wonder why God apparently didn’t show to be always “faithful” in their lives. They wonder why they don’t really see What God promised, become fulfilled in their lives.
Is God faithful only when we have a happy endings? Are there limitations to God’s faithfulness? In other words, are there criteria that needs to exist for God to show his faithfulness? Is God faithful in this present world ? Is God faithful to you in the mist of your circumstances? What does God’s faithfulness refers to? What is the Bible really saying about the faithfulness of God?
I hope and pray the Holy Spirit will Open our eyes to see the “not so obvious” as we meditate on God’s faithfulness in the next 7 days.

You’ve Never Failed Me Yet- A 7 days Devotional Written by Elvyre Bright

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