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Bio of Gloria Pickens
I would like to give glory, honor, and praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Thanking him for his mercy and his grace. My name is Gloria A. Pickens, I was born in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 8th. I have two amazing children and two
grandchildren who I love dearly.
I have a loving, supportive, and God-fearing mom, two sisters, and a brother. I
am a minister, and a woman of prayer and great faith in God. I enjoy lifting up the name
of Jesus through song, praise, and studying the word.
I currently sing on three choirs at my church. I am a retired middle school
teacher. I love working with children. My musical journey began by singing in church
and school choirs at an early age.
I have performed in various plays and concerts as a child. I always had a love for
singing, acting, writing poems, and writing songs.
This song “You’ve Been Good To Me”, centers around the loving kindness of the
Lord. I just wanted to give hope and encouragement to those who may be going through
difficult times. Reminding them, when they look up God is always looking down. God is
the only one that can meet them at the point of their needs. I’m praying that those









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