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Minister Jermaine A. Walker was born in Vineland, New Jersey. His great grandmother, Virginia Marie Walker was a prophet and a praying Godly woman who spoke into her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s lives, that they would be men and women of God. With this understanding, Jermaine’s mother Patricia A. Walker-Lester has spoken that she prayed Hannah’s prayer over Jermaine’s life when she found she was going to have a child (Hannah’s prayer basically said that if God would give her a man child that she would raise that child in the ways of God). Jermaine’s mother also has made mention that she knew Jermaine was going to be a unique and peculiar child when during the pregnancy someone suggested that she have an abortion. Around age 2 when she was sick with a high fever, Jermaine laid hands on her, the fever left her body and she then went to church that night. Then at age 5 when Jermaine’s father, Apostle Bruce C. Lester Sr. spoke over Jermaine’s life and said that there was music in him and God was going to make Jermaine his organist. Jermaine began to play without lessons.
At age 8, Jermaine began to play for one of the greatest healing ministries known to him under the leadership of Rev. Henry C. Lester Sr. During this time, he was baptized with the presence of the Holy Spirit and showed evidence of speaking in tongues, while also receiving mentorship at B. M. Oakley Memorial Temple C.O.G.I.C. under the pastoring of Mother Irene A. Oakley.

At the age of 16 when God called his paternal grandfather Henry C. Lester Sr. home and thrust Jermaine’s father Bruce C Lester Sr. into pastoring, Jermaine began to work as minister of music for Voice of Hope Deliverance Church. While serving there, he taught choirs, led praise and worship, played evangelistic services and revivals at countless other churches until around the age of 32. Jermaine was exposed to many great people of God in powerful music ministries during these 16 years such as: Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark (mother of the world renown Clark Sisters), Pastor Shirley Caesar, Tramaine Hawkins, Marion Williams (of the Clara Ward Singers), Bishop Barbara Ward-Farmer, Thomas Whitfield, the Clark Sisters, Daryl Coley, Reverend Ernest Sanders and Pastor Alice Williams (then the director and leader of the BM Oakley choir). Also during that time, the Lord was dealing with Jermaine in relationship, speaking to him very intimately and detailed about what the Holy Spirit was going to do in his life.

Many people in leadership positions pulled, tugged and wanted Jermaine to be a part of their ministries and many wanted to ordain him but God spoke to Jermaine and told him that I would ordain you and that I will overtake you with power, authority and demonstration of the works of My son. The Lord spoke to Jermaine during an extended fast, and told him that you are My end time mouthpiece and you will not be like anyone else. For I have called you aside and created you for My own work. From the age of 32 to the present day, he has been seeking God and striving to be the end time disciple that God has called him to be. Jermaine is in every respect a recording artist, a father, a minister, a prophet among many other things but predominantly he is filled with the power and the presence of He, the Holy Spirit and whatever God deems necessary may operate through him.



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