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Julie was born on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean and immigrated to Philadelphia in 1985 as a teenager. She attended Springfield High School and went on to The Community College of Philadelphia, where she pursued Business Administration from 1987 to 1989.

As much as Julie wanted to go to the next level of higher learning in business, there was a pull to start “doing”. At the young age of 20 Julie made the decision to receive on-the-job training instead of being in the classroom. She went on to be employed by Publicly Traded Companies such as The Coca Cola Bottling Company and the former Smith Klein Beecham Pharmaceuticals, as well as local employers, Impacting Your World Ministries & Alta Communications. This work ethic spanned over eleven years.

In 2001 things began to shift again in Julie’s heart. She recognized that there was more to her than met the eye. Her eye that is!!!!! Although grateful for the skills acquired by putting her hands to work, (On the job training) she figured, why not utilize the skills gained for herself and get paid for them. However, what emerged was a cleaning business, Bullseye Cleaning Service, where her attention to detail and high level of excellence became in high demand. She still operates BCS until present, with very select Clientele.

Over the years Julie’s attention to detail and excellence led her on a journey of working with many people – CEOs, Directors, Lawyers, an Architect, a Retired Armed Forces Major, Interior Decorators, Senior Pastors, Itinerant Ministers & Prophets, Musicians, Gospel Artists and the like. What they all had in common was Julie’s capacity to problem solve especially during emergencies, maintain a high level of confidentiality, complete with second to none customer service. These all led to the launching of Kingdom Citizens Network, LLC in November 2015.  It was on this path to creating and building KCN that Julie realized her love for serving, encouraging and pushing people, that she encountered her Gift – partnering and collaborating with them one-on-one to accomplish their DREAMS!!!

Julie is the Founder & CEO of Kingdom Citizens Network, LLC, based in Philadelphia, PA. Its services offered are Administration, which includes Special Event Planning, virtual office assistant services, Booking & Scheduling Services as well, just to name a few. Julie is also a Pusher & Encourager and one who partners with solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands, human-to human.  After spending more than two decades working in Business Administration and Customer Service with many Companies and several Ministries, (Stand Alone & Itinerant) as well as individuals, Julie has deduced that it’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to assist and how you communicate your understanding back to them that really matters, not just the business’ bottom line.

In addition, Julie is the Host of an Annual Singles Conference, presented by Kingdom Citizens Network, LLC, as well as the Host of her own weekly Internet Radio Broadcast, Singleness 2.0 with Julie Jazz, with the Stellar Award-Winning All Nations Radio. She currently serves as the Executive Administrator & Director of Operations in her local Church, as well as a Licensed & Ordained Minister and Worship Leader. Her latest project, Kingdom Style Magazine, is set to be launched in December 2017, of which she will be the Editor-in- Chief.

Julie is Single and the mother of a beautiful blessing, twenty-four year old daughter, Karletta. Her mantra is, “What you make happen for someone else, God will make it happen for you”.


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