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Keith Smith

In the Gap Motivational, LLC is a ministry and business founded by Keith Smith and his wife and co-founder, Dorothy. This ministry and business is geared towards dealing with everyday life issues that can become stumbling blocks thus, placing  limitations on living a purposeful life. Our objective is to take those issues and redirect the line of thinking to help produce sound judgment during the decision making process. We achieve desired results by putting an emphasis on making positive evaluations when challenged by difficult situations that could produce negative consequences, altering one’s course. Life is not perfect, but our choices must be.

Keith, an ordinary man committed to God’s leading and direction for his life is honored God chose him to accomplish extraordinary things. By using an array of learned life experiences to guide his insight ranges from a former career as a third generation police officer, a former addict and inmate. Nearly a decade was spent in prison before discovering the uprising of his purpose as a motivational speaker. These credentials allow him to empower and encourage others bringing a powerful resolution to what seems to be viewed as hopeless situations. Here at In the Gap Motivational, LLC, we believe that the greatest life experience is not always learning from your mistakes, but also from the pitfalls of others.

We invite you to visit our website at  Our contact information is located on the contact page.  Follow us via Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Be bold and come stand In the Gap with us.






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