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Lady Terry Blunden

Elder Terry Blunden is a truly consecrated woman of God with a unique gift to minister to women. As the Elect
Lady of ‘A Place Called Restoration Ministries’ she is known to many as Lady Elder or Mother. Using her God-
given creative abilities, she ministers to the needs of God’s people. God has truly placed his Word in her mouth
for such a time as this. She is the founder of ‘Anointed Hands Women’s Ministry’ and assisted her husband,
Pastor Whitney Blunden, in the Co-Founding of the Women’s Ministry, ‘Ladies of Divine Design’ and the newly
formed Mentorship program, ‘Diamonds in the Ruff’. Lady Blunden is well educated and very articulate with her
words. She is truly an example to many women and other Elect First Ladies. Her true desire is to see that women
become ladies that are classy and not sassy!
Lady Blunden began this journey many years ago when God put the desire in her heart when she was known as
“Junior Mother” while serving in the Youth Ministry. She began mentoring youth and discovered her calling and
burden for young women. She has been graced by God to minister His Word at various conferences for women,
retreats, prayer meetings, shelters, young women’s mentorship programs, and events and not to mention many
places people would dare to go to be an instrument of change, used by God. She has worked with ‘Women
Against Abuse’ and many Women’s & Family Shelters in the Philadelphia region.
Lady Blunden is married to an awesome man of God, Pastor Whitney L. Blunden, the proud mother of one son
Aaron Blunden and has been graced by God to have many Spiritual daughters in Christ. She is submitted to God
and her spiritual covering, Pastor Blunden. Her desires is to complete every assignment God has ordained for
her life and to stay humble and committed to her leadership.








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