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Latanya N. Smith

Latanya Smith of Lansdowne, PA, is a first time published author of the book entitled Scriptures for your Thoughts.  Latanya received her Bachelor’s degree from Lincoln University in ’88 and Master’s degree in from Temple University in ’97. Currently, she is a Program Monitor for the State. Her greatest accomplishments were becoming the first in her family to receive Bachelor and Master degrees.  Latanya has a passion to teach God’s Word. She is under the leadership of Apostle Warren Martin of Miracle Temple of Christ Church in Philadelphia, PA and Pastor Tyrone “TWyse” Smack, Youth Pastor of Agape Family Worship Center in Rahway, NJ

Brief Summary of book

“Scriptures for your Thoughts” was released in May 2016 and it is a quick reference book that is full of masterful quotes, motivating stories and encouraging commentaries. Thus far “Scriptures or your Thoughts” has already received many positive reviews within and outside the Delaware Valley.  This book is geared to those who may be stressed; confused, unmotivated, encouraged or just feeling lost. “Scriptures for your Thoughts” was created to help people to create a spiritual habit of replacing ungodly, unhealthy and healthy thoughts with the Word of God. There are scriptures for your thoughts! This motivating book challenges one to seek God’s Word, wisdom, and knowledge while going through life’s daily journeys. It also challenges us to replace those ungodly seeds with spiritual and fruitful scriptures from the Bible to help build and strengthen our spiritual lives. Latanya prays that “Scriptures for your Thoughts” will become a seed that gets planted into many souls and that our Lord and Savior would add His powerful increase.

Website to purchase the book “Scriptures for your Thoughts” – , or www.Apple/

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