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Leon Richardson

Leon Richardson was born in St. Louis Mo. He currently resides in Sparta, IL about 1 hr. away from his hometown of St. Louis. He faithfully attends and works in ministry at Road to Life Church in Sparta, IL. He serves as the minister of music, praise and worship leader, and minister of the gospel under the leadership of Pastor David A. Richardson. Leon started singing in the choir at a young age which is when he began to show his musical interest. His love for music shown throughout school and college. Leon has drawn attention to his ability to write music and his ability to sing with passion and anointing. His ability to worship in the capacity of playing music also makes him a God given gift to the nations. All of this is shown in his debut single “I Believe God” which was given to him during alter prayer during a worship service where he currently serves. 

Leon has performed in many places one being Carnegie Hall in New York City and has ministered in other cities such as Texas, Arkansas, and St. Louis just to name a few. He’s a devoted husband to his wife, Rosita and a loving father to his 6 wonderful children. In addition to his singing career, he teaches music education. He has inspired thousands of youth ranging from 3 yrs. – 18 yrs. of age in the field of music education. Leon has a heart for the youth and they love his music. Even though youth gravitates to his music, Leon’s music reaches all ages, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. His ministry in music will definitely lead you into the presence of the Lord.






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