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Matu Saye is a Singer, Songwriter and Social Entrepreneur. She is a native of the Republic of Liberia. Growing up a shy child, she realized she had a gift when she began singing in her church choir at the age of 9. The warm and moving responses from congregants soon gave her the courage to perform solos and leads for her choir. Those childhood experiences greatly influenced her confidence to continue singing. While continuing to grow in her gift, she soon discovered she had a unique song writing ability that speaks directly to the heart. She recorded her first Gospel Cassette album in the late 90s titled “Complete in me”. Her second album of which she refers to as her “Real debut CD” is titled, “Let there be Light” released in March of 2013. The CD album embodies inspirational content crossing social and age barriers. Matu’s musicality is transparent, upbeat and soothing with songs like Smile and Never Give Up. Her personality, warmth and genuine love for Christ are revealed through her music. Her style is unique and her voice is heavenly inspired. She has stayed true to her roots sharing the love of God through songs that encourage and heal the souls of people everywhere she goes. Matu’s work can be found on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Matu Resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she has lived since moving to the United States. She is a graduate of Drexel University and is the founder of Technology for Liberia, a non-profit organization that aides in supplying technological resources to Liberian Students.

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