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Minister Martin and Nicole Valle

Martin Valle born October 10, 1971 was raised in Philadelphia Pa in Frankford Whitehall Projects. Martin grew up a trouble child but had a praying mother who knew the Lord, Martin was always intrigue with God even while being a part of the streets and at every chance he got he would sneak and read the bible but at the age of 22 he gave his life to Christ & being a new babe in Christ Martin was in love with the word of God and  would preach to his imaginary congregation or gather family & friends to listen to his sermon,  some years later he was encourage to attend seminary school at Deliverance Evangelistic Church, upon completion of the program Martin was given the opportunity to preach at deliverance Baptist church under the senior pastor Benjamin Smith.
Describing him as opinionated, stubborn, and driven at an early age, traits that some still ascribe to Martin to be the man he is today a self-made business man, Martin developed a successful Janitorial business from one mop & bucket to include of 25 employees who cleaned everything in the Philadelphia & surrounding areas from City hall to grocery stores and more important changed half of his family and friends lives with teaching them the business.
Rightly dividing the word of Truth Ministry was birth out of “PAIN” through all the trials and tribulations of life minister Martin knew that in order to get healing we must address the root of pain. Truth ministries is amplifying the roots of Pain and issues that have crippled the American families, by isolating the men and women of this generation through past hurts, incarceration, drug abuse & etc. The broadcast ministry will not only be used as a vehicle to detect the root of the problems that causes life’s dysfunctions, but will be petitioning healing through self-awareness, forgiveness, counseling, and ultimately helping people find their purpose driven life.
Nicole Valle was born and raised in Philadelphia Pa.   She attended Lowell Elementary and Frankford High School.  After High School graduation she pursued higher education and was accepted to Cheyney University.  Nicole attended Cheyney University for two years majoring in biology, and then transferred to Temple University to complete her nursing degree. Months later she met a nurse, who was the Director of Star Institute, who convinced her to major in nephrology and she graduated a year later with honors and as the head of her class. Nicole was hired at one of the top nephrology companies and has been in the field for 25 years.

Nicole’s passion for the Arts and film productions motivated her to return to school.  She obtained a degree in film Producing and Directing from the Art Institute in Philadelphia, PA.  In her junior year of college (1 year prior to graduation) Nicole produced a teen talk show entitled No Sugar.  Her aim is to use the teen talk show platform as a means to encourage healthy dialogue between teens that will encourage them to confront the issues they face daily in a positive manner but more importantly to celebrate the accomplishments they make.

Nicole is a youth advocate and a humanitarian; she enjoys working with teens and helping them to achieve their goals and dreams.  By using her life as an example, Nicole does emphasize that her ultimate goal is to encourage teens to be the best YOU that they can be, and to inspire them to let nothing stand in the way of their dreams.  As a youth advocate Nicole strives to empower and reinforce positive thinking in our “at-risk” youth.  Through the production and launch of Philly Teens Talk Show- No Sugar, Nicole reveals that her innermost desire is to see teens receive the recognition they deserve.






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