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Nicole Purvy

Business success coach, web design & digital marketing specialist, author, podcaster, and real estate investor, Nicole Purvy is the founder of Lidyr Creative Marketing Agency, and MySuccessProject, an online curriculum dedicated to helping small businesses lay the foundation for large-scale success. Her passion for helping small businesses grow and succeed  is the cornerstone for her businesses, which all focus on helping entrepreneurs and key members of small teams achieve success faster.  Prior to becoming a digital marketing expert, she had a successful career in finance as an Institutional Fixed Income Trader.  Her knowledge in the financial markets and understanding of the finance of business during her time working on Wall Street allows her to bring a unique and accurate perspective to Business Consulting, Success Coaching, and Leadership Development.  She also authored the book “Ten Things Every Successful Entrepreneur Knows that the Rest of the World Doesn’t” and plays the bass in her spare time.


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