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Pastor Aneesah S. Perkins

Aneesah S. Perkins was born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma. Aneesah graduated from Langston University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, with a minor in Architecture while studying extensively at the University of Texas at Arlington.

While attending college, Aneesah opened her first business at the age of twenty-two as a flora list, wedding planner, and designer. Perkins‘s first business was named ”ByronBlake’s Floral Designs. ”  It was later upgraded, to ”The Garden of Eden Boutique & Spa.”  Aneesah was certified by Tela Flora and became the first Two -day wedding planner in the state of Oklahoma.

Inspiration flourished and Aneesah continued to paint and write, poetry, which inspired her to write books, plays, and movies. Aneesah, an author, writes about her own experiences as a single woman, and a married woman with three children. Faith was taught at an early age. Later she converted from the Muslim religion to Christianity. It was then, that she fully understood how to ”…walk by faith and not  by  sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7 KJV)  It was from this ”WOW” Walking on Waters Productions was created in 2013. “LOVE BANK” is her first stage play, book, TV Show, and movie. Too Broken to Love is her second debut.A woman of many talents.  Aneesah does not only love to write love novels but also loves to empower men, women, and youth. Look for Aneesah Perkins to be coming to a city near you to empower you.






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