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Pastor James Blaker

Pastor James is 49 years old from Alabama. Married to Shannon for 28 years and have 3 children. Retired from the u.s army after 25 years and got the calling to serve the lord during his military career in several different locations all over the world.

Youth pastor,music director,youth worship leader,army chaplain assistant,evangelist,motivational/ keynote speaker
Education.   Bachelor degree in business management.  Masters degree in sports management. Doctor of divinity degree
Our ministry has helped people encounter the presence of god and make big changes in their lives. We are taken our ministry one church and one city at a time all over the world. Our ministry is full of excitement and energy to shake the hearts and bring sinners to god and be saved.our ministry is for youth groups and churches of all ages seeking the presence of God
We are starting at our facility a food ministry and a clothing ministry for low income families and the homeless.we want to provide them with a hot meal each day and show them god loves them.
We are taken down dates for 2018 now for any type of church services and for motivational / keynote speeches around the United States.if your interested in getting a date lined up for us to come speak. Call us asap times are filling up fast. We are getting calls daily we want to help put the fire of god into your church or business and help your church grow
Me being a army veteran and a army war veteran i am really passionate with Veteran’s and the youth. To grow your church I look at the youth group that’s the future church.
We are looking for monthly sponsors and single donations to help our ministry grow and everyone praying for our ministry so we can keep blessing people around the world. Our contract information
I am so excited to join the heart ministry radio team to bring you the word of God. Together we will grow and send blessings all over the world. See you on Thursday evenings at 5:30 and you be part of the new hottest show on heart ministry radio. [On Fire for God with Pastor James]. Until we meet back again always stay positive and put god first. God bless you all




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