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The Prophets’ Round Table

Prophet Floyd Anthony Barber, Jr. was born in New York City. While he was yet young and tender, he and his family relocated to the quaint suburb of Summit, New Jersey. It was there that Providence preserved him until the appointed time of his ministry. At the age of 19, he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Shortly, thereafter, he had an angelic visitation in the night. He then knew that he was called to do a work for the Lord.

Since that time, Prophet Barber has gone on to become an ordained minister. His prophetic ministry flows with balance and accuracy, whereas his teaching ministry is punctuated with depth and clarity, being confirmed by various charisms of the Spirit of God. Prophet Barber has traveled across the United States ministering in churches, tent meetings, colleges and universities. He has also held associate and senior pastor positions in New Jersey, Missouri, Virginia, California, and Georgia in addition to faculty positions at Ekklesia School of Ministry and the Dr. Dorenza A. Gerrell Institute for Biblical Studies.

 Prophetess, Dr. Ravenna D. Brown, saved March 7, 1979, Holy Ghost infilling August 3, 1979, water baptized October, 1979; and has been extensively trained biblically, spiritually and practically by some of GOD’s world renowned and anointed Leaders.  She is confirmed by her works and the seal of her covenant in Christ, is attested to by the people she serves.  Prophetess Dr. Ravenna has been beautifully anointed by Jehovah Rophe to carry HIS will into the souls and spirits of mankind, wherever HE sends her.  She is a true praying Prophetess of Jehovah El Elyon. She has many spiritual sons & daughters, protégés and leaders, who she mentors, honors and serves, worldwide.  Prophetess Ravenna has also been ecumenically trained to perform the HOLY sacraments of the Church, worldwide.
Obeying the WORD of Jehovah Elohim Adonai, Prophetess Dr. Ravenna, has had hands laid on her publicly:  in Philadelphia, PA, in 1988 she was (licensed, ordained & consecrated) and became God’s Evangelist;  in New York City, NY, 1993 she was (licensed, ordained & consecrated) and became God’s Priestly Prophetess;  in New Castle, DE, 1999 she was (licensed, ordained & consecrated) and became God’s OverSEER;  in Houston, TX, 2004 she was (licensed, ordained & consecrated) and became God’s Pastor;  in Newport News, VA, 2009 (ordained and mantled) and was given Christ’s marketplace apostolic anointing);  in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa, 2011 she was (licensed, ordained and consecrated) and became God’s Missionary Ambassador;



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