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Rev. Wanda Jervey age 55 married to Daniel Jervey II for over 10 years. We have 7 children, 8 grandchildren with 1 on the way brought together in marriage. Being raised in a country where food was walking around in the yard and clothes were brought home by daddy from mom-mom getting them from the people that she worked cleaning houses for. See we grow up in a large family. Most things were passed down. Growing up like this made me appreciate the small things. We use to feed whoever came to the house. Everybody ate.  We used to wake up and there was someone sleep on our living room floor that needed a place to sleep. See homelessness to me is a condition that can be fixed, not a lifetime situation. 




Rev Wanda was ordained in 2010 as a Lay-Minister for Joshua Harvest Church under Pastor Derrick Johnson Founder/Pastor. In 2012 Rev. Wanda Jervey became an ordained and Licensed ministry under United In Christ Ministries INC with                     Rev. Joseph Garcia Sr. While still doing ministry I was able to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Theology from New Life Bible College.




God gives us the vision, Its start in head and heart, until it manifests in the now. 2012 is when Daniel and myself just started doing ministry in the house. One Saturday we started just to make sandwiches and going out in our surrounding area and hand them out and minister to people. We were really moved by the great need out there for the help needed on the streets for the homeless. Whoever it maybe we all have a story. We then started thinking bigger reaching more of the homeless so we started our Foundation. It is now a non-profit with our 501c3 working towards our goal to open up housing for homeless. Have places where they can go to get food, clothing, and housing. Just supply them with different everyday tools to function in society.  The name Battle Cry Ministry Foundation God Mission House was birth to help, not hurt, not judge, we are here to fight a war that we plan on winning.




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