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Reverend Karen Sattem

Rev. Karen Sattem received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at the age of 23 in 1974.  She immediately started ministering in her local church as a Sunday School teacher andcontinues in that capacity to this day, presently at Victory Christian Fellowship in New

Castle, Delaware.  She graduated from the Gary Whetstone School of Biblical Studies and Ministerial Training..  She was licensed under this ministry, as well as under Able Ministers International Ministries.  “Miss Karen”, as she likes to be called, has been to

17 countries, ministering to children, seeing them get saved, filled with the Spirit, hearing and moving in the Spirit of the Lord.  Training adults, pastors, leaders and parents to nurture the call to revival that is on the children around the world is part

of the vision of her ministry—Children of His Glory Ministries.  The heart cry of the vision is found in Isaiah 8:18  “As for me and my children, we are for signs and wonders

in all of Israel.”  Karen is a close associate with Kids In Ministry International, based in North Dakota.  There is no greater joy than to see the children of this generation raised up

into the fullness of the prophetic call on their lives and to manifest the glory of God on this earth.  That is the vision that motivates the heart of the ministry.  She is available for

children’s leaders workshops related to training children to reach their full spiritual

potential in the Lord.  Presenting children’s crusades are also a vital part of the vision.

It is the belief of this ministry that the end-time move of God will be led by the children.

As previously stated, Rev. Sattem has been to 17 different countries ministering the gospel.  She has recently written a book entitled, “Ministry Gifts in a Child.” which has been translated into Bulgarian, and she hopes will soon be translated into Spanish!  Children and leaders alike, must be trained for this mighty move of God!  The Lord of the Harvest is calling!









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