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Minister Ricky Burton

I am a product of the Mississippi Delta. I begin operating in ministry at very young age. To be exact at the age 11 I sang my first solo in church. I was influenced and motivated by my mother the late Evangelist Eva Mae Burton at the church where I grew up in Union Temple MB church Located in my hometown Duncan,MS. Years later I had the opportunity to travel, sing and play drums throughout the region with a few local and national quartet groups such as Willie Banks and the Messengers,Willie Neal Johnson and the Gospel Keynotes just to name a few. In October 2018 I released my first gospel EP titled “Standing On God’s Word.” The enitre EP tells about my life and me giving praise to the Almighty God for delivering me.I’m a licensed ordained minister and happily married and we are lunching an outreach ministry in the spring of this year. I’m big on being a soul winner for God the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.





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