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Tamika Crawl-Bey, MBA, Esq.

Tamika Crawl-Bey, MBA, Esq. is an Intellectual Property Expert, Registered Patent Attorney, Engineer, and Entrepreneur.  In September 2015, Tamika stepped out on FAITH and left “traditional” law firm life to begin an entrepreneurial journey as the Founder and Principal of YaJa Enterprises LLC and as a Partner & Intellectual Property Attorney at the Hawkins Counsel Group, LLC.  Her overall goals are to inspire and empower entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors to pursue, realize, and monetize their ideas!  Her company, YaJa Enterprises LLC, is currently offering educational products via webinars, seminars, audio broadcasts, and videos promoted through the Empowered Innovationᵀᴹ Brand.  At Hawkins Counsel Group LLC, Tamika assists clients with obtaining and monetizing their intellectual property in the United States and internationally. But God has given Tamika a greater vision and she cannot wait to see all He has in store!

At a young age, Tamika was mechanically inclined and able to take apart and put things together with ease.  But she also had a creative side and loved to explore new ideas, draw, and write calligraphy. Tamika first became interested in intellectual property law after taking a patent law class at the University of Delaware, where she double majored in Mechanical Engineering and Liberal Arts, concentrating in English. During the class, she was intrigued not only by the inventions – but by the inventors – those who had the foresight to invent and bring their ideas from concept to reality.  After graduation, Tamika worked as an Application Engineer for over 10 years. While an engineer, Tamika obtained an MBA at Wilmington University.  And after graduating with her MBA, she was placed in a product development and strategic planning role.  Nonetheless, Tamika was still interested in intellectual property law and hoped to one day attend law school.  Although she was married with two children, with the support of her family (especially her husband, Tim, and mother, Barbara), Tamika enrolled in Widener University’s evening division while working full-time.  She excelled at Widener and became a member of the Widener Law review, a founding member of Widener’s Journal of Law, Economics, and Race, and the first African-American woman to receive Widener’s prestigious Wolcott Fellowship. Soon after graduating from Widener, she began practicing law as an intellectual property attorney and is now barred in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a patent attorney.  During the course of her practice, she discovered the tremendous need for anyone with a viable idea, including entrepreneurs, marketers, creatives, innovators, and inventors to learn about how they can protect and monetize their ideas using intellectual property.  Tamika intends to use all of the skills and talents God has given her to help others.  For more information on Tamika and her entrepreneurial journey, please visit www.tamikambaesq.com, www.empoweredinnovation.com, and www.hawkinscounselgroup.com.

You can also follow Tamika at www.facebook.com/tamikambaesq, www.twitter.com/tamikambaesq, and www.linkedin.com/in/tamikambaesq.


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