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Yvonne Sylvester

Yvonne Sylvester, a native of Delaware, is a published author, coach, motivator, and a leader. Although she was raised in church, she didn’t surrender to an intimate relationship with God until her late 20’s.

Sylvester loves helping people and is industrious. She does not allow her past to dictate her future, forgiving the players of her dark past while forgiving herself in the process. She is inspired to move forward, not looking back or blaming anyone for anything.

Because of what she endured, Sylvester made the conscious decision to help others overcome. Knowing what it took for her to forgive and move forward, she has also become a forgiveness coach. Her book, Fragments of a Lotus, tells of her story and how she got to that place of forgiveness.

Her intention is to use her God given gifts and abilities to provide you with the tools, insights, and techniques that’ll help you get to the place of setting yourself free.


She is a mother of five children; three whom are adults and one granddaughter.


Yvonne Sylvester can be reached for forgiveness coaching, media inquiries, and speaking engagements at 302-883-8817

info@bloomblossomsoar.com and Facebook.com/bloomblossomsoar







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