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Let’s Make A Deal

Last week I was watching daytime Television  which is a rarity but one of my favorite childhood game shows was on. I sat an laughed and was truly amused as I watched “Lets make a deal. Do you remember this show? Again when I watch this on a regular basic Monty Hall was the host, so I ‘am sure that I am dating myself.

Well after the show I began to think about the doors of our heart –similar to “Lets make a deal we have options and choices as well. On the Lets make a deal show the contestants are usually puzzled and indecisive as to which door to select. The host usually tries to either dissuade or persuade the contestants into taking a cash prize as opposed to selecting any one of the three doors, and usually  magnificent and luxurious gifts are found behind the doors But I must caution you, there is always a zonked or gag gift behind one of the three doors and in most cases, the contestants rely on the shouts and cheers of the studio audience as to which door to select. Some contestants take cash prizes because it is usually a safe option, but may not be the best choice. There is usually a grand prize behind one or two of the doors. So is it worth the gamble or risk of being zonked, well many contestants seem to think so.

In life unlike lets make a deal there are only two doors of which one contains the grand prize. Behind door number 1 you will find Jesus who is the loving savior of the world. Behind door number 2 you will find Satan the father of lies-and with him is  death and eternal separation from God. So what are we going to do with your work life? How are you going to use our unique gifts and talents to provide for our needs and others’ need and make a difference in this world?

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